For the transport you see and pay only one fee: the myGermany logistic cost. This is made up of the transportation costs incurred on the part of our partners DHL and FedEx and our fees. Since we have a close cooperation with DHL and FedEx, we are in the position to offer very favourable conditions to our customers. 

The amount for the carriage through our partners DHL and FedEx depends on the country of destination, as well as on the weight and dimensions of the parcel to be shipped. For this reason, we´ll only be able to provide you with a final cost estimate when we have received your shipment and know which goods you wish to have forwarded to you.

Use our shipping cost calculator for a fast and easy estimate of your shipping cost. Simply fill in your country of destination and the dimensions of the parcels to get an overview of the costs that will likely be incurred by the carriage and/or any restrictions related to the carriage of your goods.  

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