myGermany will not accept or ship goods which are prohibited or require special handling in accordance with regulations of the exporting or importing country or due to transport regulations. If such items are found during the inspection of a parcel, we will notify you and discuss with you how to proceed. Unless otherwise arranged by you, we will charge you for the return of the prohibited items to the original vendor. An additional processing fee will also be charged for this service.

You agree to comply with all applicable provisions: a) the country from which the goods are shipped and b) the country in which the goods are received. You further agree not to use myGermany for sending illegal goods. myGermany depends on the definition of illegal or prohibited goods according to the specifications of the importing or exporting country, in accordance with the provisions of the German  Customs » and according to the specifications of our shipping service providers DHL Country-specific » / DHL General » and Fedex ».


We do not receive or do not ship: 

To see latest specific information for your country, check here:
  • Explosive or highly combustible materials such as Lithium batteries, Engine oil, fuel, etc.
  • Environmentally hazardous and radioactive materials
  • Materials that require special expenses or particularly temperature- or pressure-sensitive materials, eg. Fireworks
  • Weapons, weapon components, or objects which could injure or infect people
  • Products for military use, for example, Sonar systems, laser or aircraft parts
  • Animal carcasses or live animals
  • Credit cards, money or valid telephone cards
  • Drugs, unapproved medications or infectious substances
  • Goods that are classified as dangerous goods
  • Goods which are prohibited or restricted by certain organizations (ICAO, IATA, government, etc.)
  • Goods, of which we know or have reason to believe that such a shipment will be in violation of these laws

We would like to point out that myGermany will comply with all applicable export and import laws and that we reject the shipment of articles, for which a separate export or import permit is required. You have the responsibility and commit yourself to indemnify myGermany of all costs and fines incurred for myGermany, if it is determined that a consignment violates these terms, as well as of court costs and attorney fees incurred for myGermany in connection with such violations. myGermany will have the right to terminate your account and your use of myGermany services if you violate any of the above representations and acknowledgments.

For questions feel free to contact us: prohibited@mygermany.com