Your goods may be repacked for two reasons, which may either be for safety or cost-saving aspects. In such cases, where a new packaging is deemed required, we will use high-quality material supplied by our packaging partners DHL and FedEx. Multi-flute corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap, air cushions, crumpled paper, foam plastics, or packing fillers are merely some of the materials to ensure that your goods are packed properly and arrive safely at their destination. Our staff is well-experienced and proficient when it comes to the efficient and secure packaging of your goods.


Safety reasons: Either the packaging of the parcel turns out to be so poor that it is unlikely that it will make it through the transport route without any damages, or the parcel is already damaged at the time of its delivery at our warehouse.

Cost-effectiveness: In order to cut down costs, we use to bundle several shipments as a single one. That way, you´ll be able to save up to 80% of the shipping costs you´d have to pay otherwise, if you placed a single order for each product and had the goods shipped to your address abroad.




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