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Owing to our excellent know-how, comprehensive network, and attractive framework agreements with our logistics service providers (DHL, FedEx) we are in the position to run an immaculate infrastructure that allows for the individual marketing of products along with outstanding conditions when it comes to the expedient and secure shipping of parcels at reasonable prices to a worldwide customer base.

  • We assist you in mastering the numerous challenges related to the jungles of international bureaucracy (complicated handling of international payment transactions, special packaging requirements with respect to international shipping/carriage, customs clearance, or pricy carriage service providers, etc.) and handle the whole administration and shipping process for you. This will save you the trouble of having to deal with logistical challenges!  
  • We carry out the entire payment transaction for you - reduce the risk of fraud to a minimum and benefit from our international screening system.   
  • We reach customers in more than 210 countries and are in the position to offer individual products. We are your partner of choice when it comes to supporting your marketing strategy.  
  • Maximize your profit with every new customer! 

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