How it works?

Get your personal German shipping address.

There are no different types of membership - you just sign up (Registration fee 1 Euro one-off payment), wait until your account is activated (normally some minutes or a half day) and receive your myGermany address. Then you can immediately start to shop online. How to get a German shipping address? »

After 1 Euro, this is free for you:
  • Membership incl. personal shipping address in Germany
  • Consulting service on products and purchase process incl. call-back service
  • Access to all German brand products
  • Concierge services
  • Goods inspection and warehousing as well as repackaging and shipping (incl. return shipments)
  • Preparation of all customs documents
  • Drop shipment and discreet shipping service
Discover the ultimate shopping experience with countless shops.

Now, you can go for a shopping spree at all German online shops (incl. shops that are not listed on our website).

When you check out from the online shop, you´ll just need to fill in your new myGermany address as the shipping address » and your actual address as the billing address.

In cases where international credit cards aren´t accepted by the online shop or when you simply prefer to have the entire purchase process carried out by us, our Concierge service » may be an interesting option for you.

Below you´ll find some useful links:
You can help us to check your order...

If you ordered certain goods you want us to check precisely before forwarding? Just provide the information on the items in your Expected Order Box ». We will open incoming shipments (unless you ask us to do otherwise), in order to check them for damages and completeness. If you do not specify your order, we will do it for you.
Now, you decide...

We got your parcels and you will see an overview of your items status in your Inbox »:

You will find details on the conformity with your order, late deliveries, damages etc. Furthermore, the overview contains details regarding the weight of each item, which enables you to estimate the actual shipping costs.
Here you decide wha to be forwarded and what to be returned.

Your shipments are stored for up to 30 days for free. This way, you can continue your online shopping tour and later on, your items can be consolidated in one single package - that saves shipping costs »

With our partners DHL and FedEx we provide only insured Premium Shipment Services:
  • Normal Premium Shipment
  • Fast Premium Shipment. We won´t open the parcels and forward them straight to you: Drop shipment »
  • Discreet Premium Shipment. Your parcel is shipped in a discreet packaging, so that it will neither be possible to identify the parcel´s contents nor the merchant you bought it from: Disreet shipping »
Worldwide, cost-saving, fast, and insured.

In the Outbox » you calculate the final shipping costs and initiate the shipment. You will have to pay the shipping costs upfront through our partners Paypal or Wire Card ».

We repack your parcel for free using high-quality material, if either the packaging turns out to be so poor (caused by the original seller) that it wont`t make the transport route without any damages, or we simply decide to bundle several items to cutting down shipping costs.

myGermany also takes care about the preparation of all customs documents required for the clearing process and DHL or FedEx will deliver your insured shipments right to your door within 2-6 days. Every shipment will be provided with a tracking code, which allows you to track and trace the status of your parcel in real time. And you get an overview of all your shipments in your Shipped Box.
Our Concierge takes care of the entire order, purchasing and payment process.

In cases where online shops don´t accept international credit cards, their website is in German only, or you simply prefer to have the purchase process carried out by us, you might be interested in using our concierge service.

Let us know in the Concierge form » which products you´d like to purchase through us, and pay the actual costs for the goods plus a 10% fee upfront through our partners Paypal or WireCard. Afterwards we will initiate the purchasing process. You may track the current status of this process in your customer account. This is also, where you can adjust options or cancel the concierge order.

Once your shipment has arrived, you will see that in our Inbox, where you can define the next steps.

Concierge service with ebay?

Of course, you can get your won auctions or Buy-it-now purchases delivered to myGermany. We take over the entire payment process for you. Therefore just select the ebay-option in the Concierge form » .

Please consider that ebay is a private sales platform, hence, there´s no compulsory right of return. For this reason, myGermany cannot arrange for any return shipments when it comes to purchases made via ebay.
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