Some tips on how to save time, money and your nerves while shopping:

  • Many German suppliers charge to international customers more than to German customers. Therefore, always choose EUR as currency. 
  • Sometimes shipping is free within Germany. Therefore, it makes sense to check websites of several vendors. 
  • Register a separate email address for shopping in Germany. You often get very much digital advertising after the online sale. Thus your current email address is not "littered" with advertising.
  • Subscribe to the Newsletters of the German vendors. Often special offers are marketed online for a short time.
  • Check different homepages for a product. The price differences can be enormous
  • Should it be required upon check-out, check the delivery options. There is usually a very quick (but expensive) express delivery and a normal (and cheaper) delivery

Price comparison platforms for German onlineshops: 
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Help to convert into European sizes:
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